OP-Tac UK- The Kingdom

Venue: Op-Tactical UK (Op-Tac) 

Site owner: Robert Blakemore 

Location: The Kingdom (Huntley Wood, Cheadle, S-O-T, ST10 2NS )

Date: Sunday 10th February 2019

So, it’s the first time that I have skirmished this site (although I do know the owner Rob) and after reading some reviews from other players and also checking out Facebook, Instagram and previously playing games at Rob’s previous sites. I really wanted to go and play here and see just how challenging the site really is.

After waking up at silly o’clock in the morning and looking at the weather (dark, miserable, wet and cold) , I was somewhat apprehensive about how the day will plan out and if the game will be on and to my surprise it was. A mere 30 min drive later I arrive after taking a detour down some dirt track which literally sounded like it was going to take the chassis out on the car! I made it. First impressions WOW this is mahoosive! 

From the second that I walked in to the safe zone I knew that I was in for an awesome day. Every single person there is so friendly and approachable and it was very refreshing to see as it is so very rare these days. 

The morning consisted of an objective based game where we was split in to two different teams and had to hunt for the Jerry cans (4 per side) with our corresponding colours on (red for banded and orange for un-banded) and bring them back to base. To win the round once you have collected all of the Jerry cans you needed to escort the missile with another team member back to base. The afternoon consisted of two different types of games, one of them being a team death match style game, very fast paced and really gets the adrenaline pumping. Then finally to finish the day off we had bomb in which we had to locate in the depths of the site and take it back to our base and arm it (5 min countdown) and protect the bomb from the enemy, if you manage detonate the bomb you win. The games are second to none, fast paced and very well organised and what makes it that bit more awesome is the use of the Land Rovers in game. 

The marshals know what they are doing and are very informative at the beginning of the games, during and even after. They are always watching over the game to make sure people are being honest and taking hits and they always ask if you are having fun and enjoying yourself which I find you don’t get a lot of nowadays! Another bonus about this site is the owner Rob even comes out in game and is on hand to help and answer any questions and point you in the right direction if you become lost (trust me if you don’t know the site you can get lost quiet easy). 

The site is en point, 170+ acres of rolling hills, woodlands, a lake, vehicles, on site shop run by Staffordshire Militaria, the list is seriously endless. You need to see the site to understand the pure beauty of it. High top boots are defiantly needed and something warm as the wind can get chilly up on the top of the hills. I would also recommend to take a spare set of clothes as unfortunately, it chucked it down on and off all day which resulted in one very dirty and muddy Miss Contagious Jade!  

I can safely say I think I have now found my home battleground (it has only taken me 7 years) and would highly recommend this site to anybody who plays airsoft. 

I will be back skirmishing this site 9th March 2019. 






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Until next time 🙂

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Miss Contagious Airsoft

My names Jade (miss_contagious_airsoft) and I am a female airsoft player from the midlands. I have been playing since 2012 and decided in January 2016 that I will try my hand at providing honest and open reviews of game sites, pew pews, and up and coming events. Since then I have secured sponsorships with King Kracken Tactical and OP-tac UK and became an ambassador for the amazing #Equall Airsoft.

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